About Us

We're educators, with over 15 years of experience in classrooms across the globe. We're parents, of children pre-school, early years, primary and secondary ages. We create educational resources that make learning easy and fun - for children, for parents and for teachers.

Through improving outcomes in education, we want to ensure that every child is given the best possible chance to succeed – no matter their definition of success.

We will do this by:

  • raising the level of enjoyment of learning for all involved;
  • supporting parents to play a greater role in their child’s education;
  • underpinning a transition to more personalised learning, both in and out of the classroom.


Our Values

Everything we do is guides by the values that we hold - as an organisation and as individuals:

We are positive, we are friendly, we have fun

We are fun-loving, positive people. We believe that every child should grow up in a fun, friendly and positive environment.

We are bold, we are brave, we imagine

We are open to possibility, we embrace our creativity and we take bold, brave actions. We encourage our children to think big, see no boundaries and to find strength to overcome adversity.

We listen, we respect, we learn

We listen to our customers, we respect their opinions, we seek their guidance and by doing so, we learn. We guide our children to do the same.

We take responsibility

for each other, for our children and for our planet.

We are leaders

We want to change the world and we will do so through our continued pursuit of excellence and our belief in our people and our children.