Geraldine the Giraffe Paperback


Type: Book

Geraldine the Giraffe was feeling unhappy. She was very lonely at the safari park.

Geraldine dreamed of going back home to the Jungalow to be with her family. So she updated her passport photo (to make sure it captured her good side) and set off on her adventure.

Follow Geraldine as she travels through forests, up mountains and across the seas in search of her home.

YouTube sensation and global icon Geraldine the Giraffe appears in her own illustrated story, written by Christopher Thorne and illustrated by Carl Bowes.

Geraldine the Giraffe packs her bag and traverses different lands in search of her home, making it an ideal children s story for themes of loneliness and wanting to be with friends and family.

The story is perfect for schools teaching the topic of Journeys and for the discussion of interesting vocabulary, including adjectives and adverbs. Ultimately her story is about the emotions both children and adults feel when wanting to go home.

A suitable story for all young children

Geraldine's first storybook is sold by Rainbow Bridge Education under licence from Echo Books.